FLTI* Sleeping Places

Beloved Comrades ,
as the G20 – summit rushes in and the last preparations are done under high pressure a lot of persons are properly in their personal protest plantings.

To make it possible for all Comrades, Protesters, Friends etc. to find a shelter in Hamburg during these days we want to offer a:

FLTI* sleeping Place organization

Can you offer sleeping places or are you searching for some?
Then: write us an Email containing:

-A short introduction, what do you want to say about yourself?!
-A period – from when, till when can you offer / are you searching for shelter?

-Are there one or more sleeping places in ONE room? Can you imagine sharing your own room with strangers?

-Are you offering “special conditions” / Are you needing “special conditions” (example given: Barrier-low, family (children) friendly)

-An email address or a mobile number for contact that can be given to matching requesters / offerers. Or another possibility to reach you in the case of questions.

-Could you imagine offering sleeping places spontaneously during the protests? (We would like to offer a list of “last minute” sleeping places in the FLTI* InfoPoint, if they are needed and available)

PLEASE: do only submit FLTI* – Offers and requests. To other identifying Persons: Please get in contact with the general sleeping place organization!

We will do our best to match offers and requests but we cannot guarantee to find a private sleeping place for everybody. In this case feel heartily invited to the FLTI* Space at the Anticapitalistic Protest Camp.

This email- sleeping place organization will take place until Wednesday the 5th of July. After this date, please direct offers and requests to the FLTI* InfoPoint (Café Feuerwache, Chemnitzstraße 3).

Contact: Flti.stern-schlafplatz@riseup.net

See you in Hamburg!